This earns my living ...

Point Line Plane Glassware

Handcrafted glass by artist Alex Hoare


Point Line Plane Glassware is the platform through which I sell collections of glassware to galleries all around the UK and from my studio in Wiltshire.  These collections are strongly influenced by my work in scenography observing colour, light and space.  I am drawn to our experience of place, and the triggers within the landscape that stimulate memory: A colour, texture or mark made by human hand or objects adrift in the land or sea. 


By melding small fragments of clear glass, topped with carefully constructed ‘nuggets’ of colour, the glass spreads, flows and pools as it is heated to high temperatures, creating ‘puddles’ and ‘pools’ that contain the traces of their making:  bubbles, mists, textures, marks and irregularity of shape.  The forms are then ground and polished into a shape unique to each piece, before refiring.


The finished pieces seem to suggest both a microscopic world through a lens, and puddles of light and colour captured in a passing moment.  I want them to appear as something that might have washed up on the beach, a geological find, worn by the sea and with a sense of the ancient or timelessness.